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Christmas concert in Silkeborg Church

Midtjyllands News the 20th of December 2004

Sound of angels. In a solo song you could hear Jette Rosendal's soft and expressive soprano voice with a gentle feeling. Later you were in doubt if it was her or an angel from heaven who was floating under the church ceiling singing a beautifully shaped descant to the choir's Amen.

Telemann St. John's passion

Midtjyllands News the 5th of April 2004

The two female singers were the most convincing. Jette Rosendal, with her light and slim soprano voice, which she uses without difficulty in temperamental coloraturas as well as in the innocent pure and expressive piano, which you could hear in her last aria "Verscharre dann".

Concert in The Danish Church, London

Early Music Review nr. 93 September 2003

Jette Rosendal was a very impressive soprano, with an engaging stage manner and a focused and harmonically rich voice - together with the accurate intonation that such a voice demands. Her high register was clear and bright without being forced or loud, and the final aria of the Telemann showed her prowess in her lower register. Her use of ornamentation was always appropriate and her vocal expression was particularly apt in Handel's "Credeteal mio dolore" from Alcina.

Aarhus Summer opera - Olympia's Revenge

Politiken the 2nd of September 2001

Jette Rosendal's light soprano has brilliance and warmth especially in the high register, and she draws Olympia with an obvious mimic talent and plays an excellent violin.

Aarhus Summer opera - Olympia's Revenge

Jyllands-Posten the 31st of August 2001

In the opera of Rimskij-Korsakov there is a blind violin-playing girl. This character appears again as Olympia. This role demands a soprano who can play the violin. The young Jette Rosendal has a double education - she plays the violin very well and sings sonorously and beautifully. She even dances! It's pretty amazing!

Aarhus Summer opera - Olympia's Revenge

Børsen the 31st of August 2001

Olympia is played - also on the violin - and sung by Jette Rosendal, who delivers an impressive performance. Her shining soprano voice with sky-high sonorous sounds promises many lovely artistic experiences.

Aarhus Summer opera - Olympia's Revenge

Århus Stiftstidende the 31st of August 2001

In Aarhus Summeropera's story she is played by Jette Rosendal whose talent is comprehensive. She is a violinist, a singer and a dancer - a rare combination. In the performances she is a "scoop" because she is good! Naturally most of her display is in Olympia's Revenge, where all the sides of her talent will be seen. Her singing, playing and dancing as the Replicant who acquires a taste for life, has sweetness, liveliness, thoughtfulness and pain. A surprising performance that only few people would be able to repeat.

Aarhus Summer opera - Olympia's Revenge

B.T. the 31st of August 2001

The soprano Jette Rosendal sings her perfectly with the right balance between the twittering mechanical and the warm human feeling, (she is also a Danish Salsa Champion and a competent violinist).

Portrait Concert with Jette Rosendal and Silkeborg Chamber Orcherstra

Midtjyllands News the 19th of November 2001

And then followed Jette Rosendal in the "He shall feed his flock" from the Messiah, her clear and pure soprano voice made this music a very convincing musical experience - her intonation is perfect and her sound a pleasure to listen to - and the collaboration with the orchestra worked as it should. The same could be said about Mozart's "Exultate jubilate" - but here in the cadenzas we had the opportunity to listen to the voice unaccompanied and to admire both the coloraturas and the top notes. It was all perfect also the expression in the last "Alleluja" which is a musical outburst of joy. No wonder that the audience would hardly let her go off the stage for the interval! After the interval it was time for Jette Rosendal to take out her violin. Even though she currently studies singing she is actually fully trained as a professional violinist. Sunday evening we were going to hear the "Spring" from Vivaldi's Four Seasons a demanding piece for both soloist and orchestra. Again it was a pleasure to listen to Rosendal. There was lots of technique but all the time combined with musicality and a fine sense for the phrasing and shaping of the music. Then there were two arias from Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro": "Un moto di gioja" and "The Rose Aria". The coloraturas were like pearls on a string and Jette Rosendal both sang and acted Susanna. Convincing is the right word. We dictpredict a glorious future for her in the world of music.

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